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Employee Affinity Organizations

Employee affinity organizations (EAOs) reflect a broad cross section of the diversity represented within LLNL's workforce. The Office of Strategic Diversity Programs (OSDP) works with these groups to promote cultural awareness and support educational achievement. Although the Laboratory's DOE contract does not allow the use of programmatic funds for scholarships, some groups host fundraising activities to support their own scholarship efforts. Currently, LLNL has seven EAOs:

American Indian Activity Group
The American Indian Activity Group (AIAG) promotes awareness and appreciation of Native American culture by conducting special cultural and ethnic events within LLNL and local communities. AIAG also promotes higher education for American Indian students through scholarship awards and involvement with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

Amigos Unidos Hispanic Networking Group
The mission of the Amigos Unidos Hispanic Networking Group (AUHNG) is to provide a leadership role that promotes the achievement of professional and personal excellence for all LLNL employees through career development, diversity, and community outreach. The group is committed to educating and mentoring LLNL colleagues to meet challenges and to respond to opportunities at LLNL. This is accomplished by developing effective Hispanic leaders at LLNL; developing a networking structure that optimizes the dissemination of information; encouraging Hispanics to pursue careers in mathematics, science, and engineering; promoting continuous career, personal, and interpersonal development; and promoting awareness of Hispanic diversity and values.

Asian Pacific American Council
New yearAPAC logoThe Asian Pacific American Council (APAC) is the umbrella organization for the following network groups: Filipino American Network Group, Korean American Network Group, Vietnamese American Network Group, and Indo-American Network Group. APAC was formed as a coalition for LLNL's diverse Asian Pacific American (APA) community. APAC has a mission to provide leadership for the growth, development, and full participation of APAs in support of LLNL's mission. APAC has been involved in educational, social, cultural awareness, and career development programs.

Members of the APAC organization have the opportunity to serve on committees that support the following:

  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  • Fundraising
  • Leadership
  • Membership
  • Publicity
  • Scholarship

2011 Chinese New Year Banquet — Dublin, California

New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year New Year
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Each year, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is celebrated in May, and a Chinese New Year Banquet is held in February. For more information about the APAC organization, please contact Chairperson Jeene Villanueva.

2011 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Annual Festival


The annual event featured Afghani, Filipino, Korean and Vietnamese fare. Booths and presentations provided information about the Asian Pacific American Council (APAC), the We Be Dragon, the LLESA-sponsored dragon boat team, GoFilipino, as well as Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Bangladeshi and Vietnamese cultures. Musical presentations included Sukyung Choi of the Sukyung Choi Korean Dance Academy of Castro Valley and the Eden Aoba Taiko Drummers headed by Masa Fukuizumi.  A new feature at this year's festival was a silent auction to benefit the APAC scholarship fund.

Asian Pacific American Council Presents 2011 Scholarships


"This year’s scholarships were awarded to some of the most outstanding scholars we have had in years," said Sherman Chao, APAC scholarship chair. All three of the awardees have straight A’s throughout their entire high school careers. They all have GPA’s higher than 4.0, he said.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2011 Speaker


Duy-Loan T. Le, the keynote speaker at the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) celebration shared her history and her determination for success.

Born in Vietnam, Le migrated to the United States in her youth, leaving behind her father whose last words to her were, "No matter what, study hard." And, Le did just that.

With the language barrier as a challenge, she pressed on and succeeded in receiving her bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Texas in Austin, where she graduated with high honors and her master's degree in business administration from the University of Houston.

Today, Le is a registered professional engineer and is responsible for technology, readiness and product execution for Texas Instruments (TI), a multibillion-digital business. She oversees the definition of technology requirements for the businesses, leads technology qualifications with the development teams, and directs execution.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2011 Speaker


Swetha and Brinda Dixit of the Kalaikoil Dance & Arts of India performed as the last event in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM).

Swetha Dixit is the founder and artistic director of the Kalaikoil Dance and Arts of India. The school was established in 1995 to provide classes in Bharatanatyam, a classical dance that originated in the Hindu temples of south India. As such, the teaching staff conducts classes in Hindu Vedic chanting, Carnatic Vocals, and Bharatanatyam for children and adults in Livermore near the temple and at their studio in Dublin.

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Association of Black Laboratory Employees
ABLE LogoThe Association of Black Laboratory Employees (ABLE) is dedicated to proactively meeting the needs of its members. It seeks to do the following:

  • Provide a platform of communication for members to share their experiences and express concerns about issues pertaining to the quality of work life at LLNL.
  • Encourage networking and resource-sharing among members.
  • Promote excellence in the workforce by providing resources that will enable ABLE members to reach their full professional potential.
  • Promote communication and collaboration with LLNL management.
  • Promote African studies among African Americans at LLNL.
  • Contribute to achieving a diverse workforce, as well as providing data about the social and economic relevancy of maintaining a diverse workforce.
  • Develop the leadership potential of ABLE members and increase educational opportunities.
  • Strengthen, expand, and foster community education programs that focus on developing scientific and technical literacy.
  • Leverage ABLE's resources by collaborating with counterparts at Sandia National Laboratories/California and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Lawrence Livermore Armed Forces Veterans Association
The Lawrence Livermore Armed Forces Veterans Association (LLAFVA) is an organization dedicated to representing all members (veteran, active duty, and reserve) of the armed forces at LLNL. The association supports veterans' affairs and activities at LLNL, as well as those outside LLNL and within the communities where employees live. LLAFVA provides a support group for veterans at LLNL, promoting fellowship and the camaraderie that veterans share with one another. In 2007, the LLAFVA engaged in a variety of activities to increase LLNL employees' awareness of veterans' contributions:

  • Pen Pal Project with 101st
  • Las Positas College Scholarships
  • Delta College Scholarships
  • Memorial Day Celebration
  • American History Bowl
  • Diversity Day on the Green
  • Book Collection for Livermore Veterans Hospital
  • Thanksgiving/Christmas Meals and Donations for Homeless Veterans at Ashby House (Berkeley, CA)
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Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women's Association
Founded in 1971 to promote educational and advancement opportunities for women and men at LLNL, the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women’s Association (LLLWA) continues today as an education, discussion, and action group concerned with issues of interest to all Laboratory employees with an emphasis on women’s issues and interests. The LLLWA is a resource for improving the quality of worklife by providing encouragement and support for professional growth through new opportunities, education, information exchange, and community outreach. The LLLWA program goals are to:

  • Provide educational resources to increase knowledge and expand career opportunities
  • Provide funding and access for educational scholarships
  • Provide sources of information and channels of communication to facilitate diversity in the workplace
  • Celebrate successes and achievements
  • Provide collaborative solutions to enhance the worklife environment.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Association
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Association (LGBTA) provides leadership for the growth, development, understanding, and full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons in a safe workplace. Association membership is open to all LLNL employees. With its focus on diversity, awareness, education, and creating a safe working environment free of hostility, LGBTA provides a unique perspective to LLNL's diversity effort.

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 Events Calendar

Annual Calendar of Events 2013
Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday Observation January
Black History Month February
Women's History Month March
Asian Pacific Heritage Month May
Cinco de Mayo May
Memorial Day Celebration May
Gay Pride Month June
Juneteenth June
Day on the Green Multicultural Celebration August
Hispanic Heritage Month September
Native American History Month November
Veterans Day November


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