Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Founded in 1971 to promote educational and advancement opportunities for women and men at LLNL, the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women’s Association (LLLWA) continues today as an education, discussion, and action group concerned with issues of interest to all Laboratory employees with an emphasis on women’s issues and interests.

The LLLWA is a resource for improving the quality of work-life by providing encouragement and support for professional growth through new opportunities, education, information exchange, and community outreach. The LLLWA program goals are to provide the following:

  • Educational resources to increase knowledge and expand career opportunities.
  • Funding and access for educational scholarships.
  • Sources of information and channels of communication to facilitate diversity in the workplace.
  • Celebrations for successes and achievements.
  • Collaborative solutions to enhance the work-life environment.

Contacts: Lynda Tesillo and Jenessa Dozhier