Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

abilities imageThe Lawrence Livermore Armed Forces Veterans Association (LLAFVA) is an organization dedicated to representing all members (veteran, active duty, and reserve) of the armed forces at LLNL. The association supports veterans' affairs and activities at LLNL, as well as those outside LLNL and within the communities where employees live. LLAFVA provides a support group for veterans at LLNL, promoting fellowship and the camaraderie that veterans share with one another. The organization participates in the following:
  • Las Positas College Scholarships
  • Delta College Scholarships
  • Memorial Day Celebration
  • Summer membership drive BBQ (July)
  • Veterans Day Motor Cycle Ride (from main site to S300 for a BBQ fundraiser with the Fire Department).
  • Veterans Day breakfast at the Livermore VA Assisted Living Facility.
  • East Bay Stand Down.

Contacts: Mike Silva, Angela Tallman, Roy Warner, Jerry Wheeler