Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • Formed in 1992 as a coalition for LLNL’s diverse Asian Pacific American (APA) community.
  • APAC has been involved in educational, social, cultural awareness, and career development programs.
  • APAC is the umbrella organization for the following groups:
    • Afghani American Group
    • Bangladeshi American Group
    • Chinese American Group
    • Filipino American Group
    • Guamanian American Group
    • Hawaiian American Group
    • Indo-American Group
    • Japanese American Group
    • Korean American Group
    • Vietnamese American Group
  • Goals
    • To provide cultural awareness activities and highlight Asian Pacific American values.
    • To raise awareness of diversity issues and be a resource to LLNL in achieving its diversity goals.
    • o provide leadership for the growth, development, and full participation of APAs in support of LLNL's mission.
    • To establish a network of communication and support group for all APAC members.
    • To provide yearly scholarships for high school seniors who are or whose parents/siblings are current APAC members.
    • To promote the recognition of accomplishments by APAs and to help open opportunities and contribute to the success of other APAs at LLNL.

    Contacts: Anh Quach, Malia Alcuran, and Howard Wong

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