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The Asian Pacific Council (APAC) was formed in 1992 as a coalition for LLNL’s diverse Asian Pacific American (APA) community.

APAC has been involved in educational, social, cultural awareness, and career development programs.

Currently, APAC is the umbrella organization for the following groups:

  • Afghani American Group
  • Bangladeshi American Group
  • Chinese American Group
  • Filipino American Group
  • Guamanian American Group
  • Hawaiian American Group
  • Indo-American Group
  • Japanese American Group
  • Korean American Group
  • Vietnamese American Group


  • To provide cultural awareness activities and highlight Asian Pacific American values.
  • To raise awareness of diversity issues and be a resource to LLNL in achieving its diversity goals.
  • To provide leadership for the growth, development, and full participation of APAs in support of LLNL's mission.
  • To establish a network of communication and support group for all APAC members.
  • To provide yearly scholarships for high school seniors who are or whose parents/siblings are current APAC members.
  • To promote the recognition of accomplishments by APAs and to help open opportunities and contribute to the success of other APAs at LLNL.

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Contacts: Jason Cruz and Joanna Allen

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