Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

ableThe African-American Body of Laboratory Employees (ABLE) is dedicated to proactively meeting the needs of its members. It seeks to do the following:
  • Provide a platform of communication for members to share their experiences and express concerns about issues pertaining to the quality of work life at LLNL.
  • Encourage networking and resource-sharing among members.
  • Promote excellence in the workforce by providing resources that will enable ABLE members to reach their full professional potential.
  • Promote communication and collaboration with LLNL management.
  • Promote African studies among African Americans at LLNL.
  • Contribute to achieving a diverse workforce, as well as providing data about the social and economic relevancy of maintaining a diverse workforce.
  • Develop the leadership potential of ABLE members and increase educational opportunities.
  • Strengthen, expand, and foster community education programs that focus on developing scientific and technical literacy.
  • Leverage ABLE's resources by collaborating with counterparts at Sandia National Laboratories/California and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Contacts: Jeremy Feaster and AJ Lanier