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D&I Awards Program Overview

Award Criteria

D&I accomplishments honored by this award are those that have made a significant impact on the Laboratory's mission, culture, and environment. The award criteria are intentionally flexible to allow for recognition of achievements across the spectrum of the Laboratory's missions in which the responsible individual or core team can be clearly identified.

Examples of Award categories:

  • Influencer (Working across): Making an overall inclusion contribution in the community, work group, sphere of influence, or Lab-wide.
  • Strategic & Sustainability Impact (Looking beyond): A practice having a lasting benefit that can be fostered and grown.
  • Initiative (Stepping forward) Recognizing and celebrating exemplary individual and/or team behaviors; taking action to promote diversity and inclusion awareness and changes.
  • Mentorship (Giving back): Leading as an example, sharing of passion, and growing others.
  • K-20 Impact (Growing the future): Hosting, promoting and/or sponsoring activities to attract, recruit and retain students/new hires and/or to help ensure their success.


All current LLNL employees, except senior managers, are eligible for a Director's D&I Award. For team awards, teams may include non-LLNL nominees. Only team members who are currently LLNL employees are eligible for cash awards. Team members who are not LLNL employees will be acknowledged, but will not be eligible to receive a monetary award.


Recipients receive certificates from the Laboratory Director describing their achievements. Winning individuals and all eligible team members will also receive a cash award.

Nomination Process and Deadline

Any LLNL employee may submit a nomination by completing and submitting this online form.

Nominations may also be submitted in hard copy to Cindy Atkins-Duffin at L-176.

The deadline for submitting a nomination for this year's Director's Diversity & Inclusion Award has passed.

Award Selection

The DDST will request that each principal associate director and discipline associate director nominate one representative to serve on the evaluation committee for the D&I award. In addition, the DDST will select a non-voting chairperson and two representatives from the Employee Resource Groups. When evaluating award nominations, the committee may request additional information from the responsible manager or directorate, nominator, or other individuals familiar with the accomplishment.

The committee will submit a prioritized list of finalists to the Director. Final selections are made at the discretion of the Laboratory Director. An awards ceremony will be held to celebrate the awardees.

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